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Katy's Journal.

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

4 May
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  • k47yxb4by@livejournal.com
Her name's Katy or Katybaby. This is her buddyyy Alyssa :D She's fourteen and she goes to HolyCross. She's single, so boys get at herr (; She has this problem with being paranoid about everything, but I abss love herrr. She's pretty shortt and a lot of funn. She smiles and laughs over nothingg, you'll find it veryy cutee. She plays the piano better thann anyone can and she's starting out on guitarr. She loves every kindd of music there is. She watches the Dark Knight whennn she has nothing to doo. She's gott some lame dance movess and an amazingg voice. Her friends are probablyyy the most importantt people in her lifee and her family. There's alot to know about her, so IM herr @ xK437H3B4BY.